Racetech 115mm Matrix Oil Cooler 10 Row

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This is a 10 row Racetech oil cooler with 115mm matrix. These coolers are available with a variety of different fittings (please select the option you require). For more technical information on this range of coolers please click here. If you cannot find the cooler you require then please contact us via phone or email with the details of the cooler you need.

These oil coolers are sometimes also referred to as a Mocal part number. For details please see the table below:

Racetech Part Number Fittings Mocal Part Number
10115-6 -6 OC1107-6
10115-8 -8 OC1107-8
10115-10 -10 OC1107-10
10115-12 -12 OC1107-12
Not Available -16 Not Available
101153/8 3/8 BSP OC1103-6
101151/2 1/2 BSP OC1103-8
101155/8 5/8 BSP OC1103-10
Not Available 3/4 BSP Not Available