Setrab Oil Coolers

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ProLine STD A wide range of rugged and reliable Setrab oil coolers for all types of cooling on a vehicle, engine oil, transmission oil, clutch, brakes, differential, power steering. All Setrab oil coolers come with M22x1.5 female threads and the fittings are supplied separately.

Technical Specifications;

Working Pressure 0-10 bar(g) dynamic

Pressure Pulsation Endurance 200k pulsations, 0-10 bar(g), 2 Hz, 60°C oil temp

Max Pressure 12 bar(g)

Burst Pressure 37 bar(g)

Pressure Test 10 bar(g)

Leak Test 4 bar(g)

Working Temperature -40°C to 150°C

Corrosion Endurance 20 days according to SWAAT G85-94 A3

Inner Cleanliness ISO 4406 16/14

General Dimensional Tolerances ISO 2768-v

Material Aluminium alloys

Max Connection Tightening Torque 40 Nm