Raceparts UK offers a wide range of shipping options. You can add specific requests in the 'Specific Delivery Instructions' section of the checkout page. You can also call or email us for further details. If you would prefer your order to be sent via your own courier service then please contact us prior to placing the order with the details. For UK and Ireland shipments we use a mix of Royal Mail, UPS and FedEx. For international packages we use UPS and FedEx. If you have a preference then please let us know when you place the order.

Please note all prices shown below are in GBP and do not include VAT, which is charged where appropriate.

UK Mainland

For orders to the UK mainland we offer free shipping on all orders over £50 (£50 excluding VAT, £60 including VAT). For orders of under £10 the postage cost is £2.50, for orders of between £10 & £50 the postage cost is £4.50. You're item will be sent out either via post of UPS courier service depending on the value of the item and its size/weight. Please note that very occasionally orders being sent to UK mainland maybe subject to additional carriage costs. These are normally due the location the package is being sent (for example northern Scotland).

Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland*

For Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland we usually send via UPS or FedEx, at a price of £17.50 plus VAT as a minimum. There is often an additional charge, please call or email for details.

Western Europe*

All Western Europe shipping is done via UPS at a price of £20.00 plus VAT. Countries which count as Central Europe are Belgium. The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Monaco.

Eastern Europe*

All shipping to Eastern Europe is done via UPS at a price of £27.50 plus VAT. Countries which are included as Eastern Europe are Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Central Europe & Spain*

If the country you would like your order sent to is within the EU but is not listed in either Central Europe or Eastern Europe. These orders are sent out via UPS. The price is £25.50 plus VAT. The countries included in the category are Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain & Sweden. For Portugal please see RoW below.

Other Europe*

Other countries in Europe but that are not members of the EU are in this category. This orders will be sent out via UPS at a cost of £37.50 plus VAT.

Rest of World

If you would like your order sent outside of Europe then the cost of shipping is calculated on an individual order basis. Please proceed through the check out process. You will then be contacted via email by a member of our sales team with options for your delivery (usually within 24 hours). The cost of your delivery will be put through as a separate transaction and we may need your payment details again. Please note that Portugal is included in RoW as there are several regions which occur high shipping costs.

* - Occasionally there maybe additional courier charges due to the location of delivery. Such charges often occur if the delivery address is not on the European mainland, remote or mountainous location or for other reasons. In these instances we will contact you either for further payment for UPS courier payment or to make alternative arrangements.