Millers Competition Fully Synthetic (CFS) Engine Oil

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Established in 1887, Millers Fully Synthetic Engine Oils range of specialist Motorsport products are developed in close partnership with leading motorsport teams. This helps Millers to refine and prove product effectiveness under extreme race conditions. This winning formula results in a world class product range providing incredible performance and protection. The NANODRIVE technology range (NT) is where Millers are able to dramatically reduce friction through the use of spherical nanoparticle structures in the oil formulations. The formulations reduce high load friction at extreme pressures, reducing engine component wear and increasing engine power.

CFS 0w20 / CFS 0w20NT

Competition fully synthetic engine oil. Millers CFS 0w20 and 0w20NT engine oils are for modern competition engines where maximum power release is required. Formulated for use in qualifying or shorter duration events where the engine is suitable to take advantage of this low friction lubricant. Competition use only.

CFS 5w40 / CFS 5w40NT

Competition fully synthetic oil. Millers CFS 5w40 and 5w40NT engine oils are suitable for fast road, race, rally, sprints and hill climbs. Ideal for engines with hydraulic tappets eg Zetec.

CFS 10w40

Competition fully synthetic oil. Millers CFS 10w40 engine oil is suitable for smaller capacity race and rally engines up to approx 1500cc and turbocharged engines for fast road and track days.

CFS 10w50 / CFS 10w50NT

Competition fully synthetic oil. Millers CFS 10w50 and 10w50NT engine oils are designed for race and rally engines, and especially suited to modified, high performance vehicles with or without turbos for fast road and track day.

CFS 10w60 / CFS 10w60NT

Competition fully synthetic oil. Millers CFS 10w60 and 10w60NT engine oils are for larger race and rally engines with or without turbocharges, especially where subject to severe and high stress conditions.

CFS 15w60

Competition fully synthetic oil. Millers CFS 15w60 engine oil has a slightly heavier base viscosity to provide maximum protection in high ambient temperatures and highly stressed applications. Ideal with turbocharged engines and the extremes of endurance racing and rallying.

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