Radiator Caps

Raceparts is the UK distributor for Stant racing radiator caps and can offer a great range of products for both 4 and 2 wheel competition. Please note that Stant racing radiator caps are no longer available and are being replaced by Motorad.

Stant Part NumberMotorad Part NumberPressure (Lbs)Description
10329ST1313Lever type cap
11330ST1616Circular lever operated cap
10361N/A19-22Motorcycle circular cap
10362N/A22-24Motorcycle circular cap
10371T2018-22Circular racing radiator cap
10372T2222-24Circular racing radiator cap
10373T4528-32Circular racing radiator cap
10381ST2018-22Circular racing radiator cap with lever
10382ST2221-25Circular racing radiator cap with lever
10391N/A18-22Octagon racing radiator cap
10392N/A21-25Octagon racing radiator cap