Communication Systems

ZeroNoise offer a wide range of intercom systems and options for a variety of different applications.

Fearless WRC Canbus
This is the top of the range system which includes connection to a canbus system. This system is used in the WRC and is made to order.

This digital amplifier system is ideal for those rally competitors wanting a high quality amplifier with a wide range of features. This system uses Nexus connectors.

This is a professional analog rally amplifier suitable for those who want a simple system but still require high quality noise cancellation. This system uses Nexus connectors.

The ZeroNoise Brave amplifier offers value for money for rally competitors. This system uses Nexus connectors.

The Valiant amplifier system offers a great budget friendly system ideas for those starting out in club rallying. This system uses 6.35mm stereo connectors.

Pit-Link Circuit GSM Comm System
This race suitable comm system can be used by up to two people for communicating with the pits (ideal for school cars or when taking passenger rides around a circuit).

Pit-Link Trainer System
This system is ideal for circuit racing or karting and is suitable for use during testing when an intercom system is not allowed during racing. This allows the driver to talk to someone in the pits.