Lifeline Zero 360 (Novec 1230) 2.25 Kg Mechanical

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The Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 1230 range of car fire extinguishers offer all of the advantages of a small compact system without compromising on performance. This makes the 2.25kg models particularly suitable for single seater applications. This Novec 1230 2.25Kg extinguisher system is manufactured using an aluminium cylinder that offers weight and space saving benefits. Expertly designed to suit all Club Level, Historic and Fast Road applications.

This Lifeline Zero 360 2.25Kg mechanical extinguisher kit was formerly known as a 104-225-001.

This series of systems has been awarded FIA homologation number EX.028.08.

This extinguisher system is available in either the standard red finish or a polished finish. There is also available a bottle only option or just the installation kit which can be useful if you have multiple cars. The installation kit is everything listed in the full kit but does not include the actual extinguisher bottle.

Length (mm) 258
Diameter (mm) 125
Weight (Kg) 3.3
Capacity (Kg) 2.25
Homologation EX.042.17
Technical List 16

The full Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 1230 2.25Kg mechanical extinguisher kit includes:

Product Code Description Quantity
106-001-004-B Zero 360 2.25kg Mechanical - Bottle Only 1.000
935-100-001 2.0mtr/6ft Pull Cable - Red T Handle 1.000
935-100-002 4.0mtr/12ft Pull Cable - Red T Handle 1.000
952-408-002 8mm Bulkhead Fitting 1.000
990-100-001 Decal Pack 1.000
952-408-001 8mm Equal T Connector 1.000
951-200-002 Tube Clips - Fits all Sizes 5.000
951-101-008 8mm - Alloy Semi Rigid Tube - per metre 8.000
951-300-001 Heat Proof Overbraid (6-10mm) per metre 6.000
920-100-008-FIA Bracket & Straps - Medium - Stored Pressure 1.000
955-300-004 Zero 360 Double 'Z' Nozzle - Straight Inlet - c/w Cartridge 3.000
955-300-003 Zero 360 Nozzle - Straight Inlet & Locking Nut 2.000
952-408-007 8mm 4 Way Equal Cross Connector 1.000

This extinguisher meets FIA Technical List 16 requirements and is suitable for competition in MSA and FIA events past 2022. You should however consult your series/championship regulations before purchasing.