Lifeline Zero 360 Extinguisher

Lifeline Zero 360 extinguishers offer a variety of different options which are specifically developed for motorsport competition.

Zero 360 is filled with the latest Halon replacement gas. All Zero 360 extinguisher systems are FIA approved except the 1kg system. The latest range of Lifeline Zero 360 car fire extinguishers are filled with highly efficient Novecâ„¢1230 Zero 360 liquid clean gas extinguishant.

Before selecting the extinguisher you need you should consult your championship technical regulations and the MSA Blue Book. Unfortunately we are unable to advise on which specific extinguishers are needed for each championship or category.

Raceparts are able to provide a refill service. Extinguishers are required to be refilled and serviced every 2 years with a maximum life of ten years for the bottle. If you would like to know more about the service then please call or email us.

Please note that extinguishers which are being shipped outside of the UK with be sent unpressurised.