Racetech Electrical Gauges

Raceparts stock a wide range of Racetech electrical gauges. The chart below shows the various electrical gauge options available and the sender required for each.

Gauge Part NumberDescriptionDiameter of GaugeSender Part NumberDescription
RTECOP8Electrical oil pressure 8 Bar52mmRTECOPM10Oil pressure sender M10 thread
RTECFGElectrical Fuel Gauge52mmRTECF5H5 Hole Flange Fuel Sender
RTECF6H6 Hole Fuel Sender
RTECOT150Electrical Oil Temperature 150°52mmRTECOT1/8Oil Temperature Sender 1/8 NPT
RTECW120Electrical water temperature 120°52mmRTECW1/8Water temperature sender 1/8 NPT
RTSC130Speedo80mmSS34-1Speedo Sensor
DTM4007Air/Fuel Ratio MeterN/ALOS01Lamda Sensor (single wire)
LOS03Lamda Sensor (3 wire)
RTECVMVolt Meter52mm
RTTC88,000 Tacho80mm
RTTC8-SL8,000 Tacho with shift light80mm
RTTC1010,000 Tacho80mm
RTTC10-SL10,000 Tach with shift light80mm
RTTC1212,000 Tacho80mm
RTTC12-SL12,000 Tacho with shift light80mm
£96.20 £115.44
From £18.00 From £21.60
£48.00 £57.60
From £0.72 From £0.86
£48.00 £57.60
£166.03 £199.24
From £136.08 From £163.30
£48.00 £57.60