Metric Hi-Temp K-nuts

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The metric hi-temp k-nut is a hi-temp version of the standard k-nut.

K-nut part Size & Pitch Spanner Size
NOR2104133X.5 M3 X 0.5 4mm
NOR2104134x.7 M4 X 0.7 5mm
NOR2104135X.8 M5 X 0.8 6mm
NOR2104136X1.0 M6 X 1.0 7mm
NOR2104137X1.0 M7 X 1.0 8mm
NOR2104138X1.0 M8 X 1.0 10mm
NOR2104138X1.25 M8 X 1.25 10mm
NOR21041310X1.0 M10 X1.0 12mm
NOR21041310X1.25 M10 X 1.25 12mm
NOR21041310X1.5 M10 X 1.5 12mm
NOR21041312X1.25 M12 X 1.25 14mm
NOR21041312X1.5 M12 X 1.5 14mm
NOR21041312X1.75 M12 X 1.75 14mm
NOR21041314X1.5 M14 X 1.5 16mm