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Raceparts UK offers circlips in either internal or external configuration. Please select which type or circlip you would like and the shaft size.

If you are purchasing circlips to go with an NMB spherical you can find the cross reference below:

Part Number Spherical OD “ Suitable Sphericals
N1300-56 0.563
N1300-62 0.625 ABWT4(R)
N1300-68 0.688 ABT4(R) ABWT5(R) ABYT5(R)
N1300-75 0.750 ABT5(R) ABYT4(R)
N1300-81 0.813 ABT6(R) ABWT6(R)
N1300-87 0.875 ABT82003
N1300-90 0.906 ABT7(R) ABYT6(R)
N1300-93 0.938 ABWT7(R)
N1300-100 1.000 ABT8(R) ABWT8(R) ABYT7(R)
N1300-112 1.125 ABT9(R) ABWT9(R) ABYT8(R)
N1300-118 1.188 ABT10(R) ABWT10(R)
N1300-137 1.375 ABWT12(R) ABYT10(R)
N1300-143 1.438 ABT12(R)
N1300-156 1.563 ABT14(R) ABWT10-605 ABYT12(R)
N1300-162 1.625 ABWT14(R)
N1300-156 1.562 ABYT12(R)
N1300-175 1.750 ABT16(R) ABYT14(R)
N1300-212 2.125 ABWT16(R)