Racetech Quick Release Coupling (52mm PCD)

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Racetech were the original manufactures of this type of 52mm PCD quick release coupling and were supplying these to Formula 1 teams in the 1980's. Since then the Racetech range has grown to reflect the wide variety of motorsport that Raceparts cater for.

The chart below is a handy guide to help you select the coupling which is going to be most suitable to you.

5/8" Dia. Slug3/4" Dia. Slug1" Dia. Slug
3/16" Holes 2" PCDRTQ1RTQ2RTQ5
3/16" Holes 70mm PCDRTQ71RTQ72RTQ75
1/4" Holes 2"PCDRTQ4RTQ3RTQ6

The part number shown above is for the black colour coupling. If you would like the gold coupling then please add a 'Y' to the part number, for example RTQ1 becomes RTQ1Y.

The above options show the most commonly used coupling in Formula Student. There are several other options available though.

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