Capit Control Box

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CapIt control boxes allow for more accurate heating of tyre blankets. Only blankets which are designed to use the LEO control system will work with these control boxes.

LEO 4 - Designed to heat either 2 bikes or 1 car set of tyres

Compact size and durable frame to have high reliability and avoid obstructions. The displays are hardy and easy to read even in particular light situations. Simple to use, you can set 4 different temperature settings and recall them with a single key ("jump" function very useful during practice or test moment).

LEO Touch - Designed to heat either 2 bikes or 1 car set of tyres

It is able to control the temperature of 4 tyre warmers (2 motorcycles / 1 car) and also handle different temperatures for single warmer with multiple heating circuits (centre and sidewall). The performances are the top thanks to the PID technology which ensures the maximum stability of the set temperature even further to 120°c. The software includes 12 hours of "data recording" and its graphical representation directly on the LCD display. With its advanced hardware and its carbon fibre case, the weight is less than 2 kg.