BG Racing Battery Trolley

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Engineered for quick and easy movement, tough and durable, the BG Racing Battery Trolley is ideal for transporting a slave battery around the pits, paddock and workshop.

With two variations available, one designed specifically for carrying only a battery and the second including an additional tray to carry a small selection of tools.

Attention to detail includes a removable handle and the ability to secure the battery firmly.

Manufactured from high-grade mild steel with a durable silver grey powder-coated finish.

Single TrayDouble Tray
Tray(s) Dimensions295mm X 150mm X 140mm295 X 150mm x 140mm
Tray Loading Capacity25KG UDL5KG (Tool Tray), 25KG (Battery Tray)

Please note that the tool tray should only be used when a battery is in the battery tray.