BG Racing Standard Pit Board Complete Kit

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This BG Racing standard pit board complete kit contains:

  • Standard Pit Board
  • Standard Pit Board Carry Case
  • Standard Pit Board Numbers

BG Racing's standard 4 row pit board, ideal for those on a tight budget or wanting a pit board for emergency use. Made from T6 aluminium. The pit board is available as either anodised aluminium, black, blue or red and is 830mm X 630mm. The carry case designed to fit BG Racing's standard aluminium pit board. Produced in nylon fabric for hardwearing ability. The case includes individual pockets for pit board numbers. Adjustable straps make the case easy to carry. Pit board numbers and symbols for the BG Racing Standard Pit Board. Each number is 126mm (4.96") wide with a height of 178mm (7"). Included is a total of 38 piece set which comprises of:

  • 3 of each number 0-9
  • 1 of each letter L, P and T
  • 1 of FUEL
  • 1 of IN
  • 1 of each +, - and .

The numbers are available in white, green, orange, pink or yellow.