Wolverine Engine Oil Preheaters

Wolverine Preheater Pads offer a value for money method of preheating engine oil for competition vehicles. The three commonly used models are shown here but others are available (please call with requirements if you need alternatives).

Model Model 9 (WLVM9/125) Model 16 (WLVM16/250) Model 40 (WLVM40/500)
Heat Output 125 w 250 w 250 w
Dimensions 76mm Round 95 x 108mm 95 x 108mm
Cord Length 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m
Plug Type Blunt - 3 Wire Blunt - 3 Wire Blunt - 3 Wire
Voltage 240v 230v 230v
Current Continuous 0.55a 1.1a 1.1a
Thermostat No No No
Fixation Adhesive Backing Adhesive Backing Adhesive Backing
Wolverine Part Number 3400091 3400093 3400093