Race Boots

FIA 8856-2000
The previous homologation standards. 8856-2000 is still valid with most ASN's and for the majority of FIA championships, however it is (slowly) be phased out so you may wish to invest in 8856-2018 homologation racewear.

FIA 8856-2018
The newest homologation standards. 8856-2018 offers even better protection then the older 8856-2000. The testing of 8856-2018 homologated has higher standards including 12 second flames test for suits, skin tests for underwear, 11 second heat test for gloves. 8856-2018 is available now in selected models, will be mandatory in F1, F2, FIA F3, Formula E, WEC, WRC & WRX by 2022 (some championships will be sooner). Other championships on the International Sporting Calendar will be mandatory by 2029. 8856-2018 items have a 10 year life.

The OMP One range offers the ultimate in performace, light weight and comfort. Suitable for the serioud competitor and professional driver alike. If you are looking for every last competitive edge you can find you should look no further then the OMP One, many of the technical innovations developed by world class (and indeed world champion) drivers start in this range of products.

Omp Technica
The Technica range offers the best mix of performance and budget. Tecnica offers many of the same features as the One range, however these products are usually slightly heavier (although lighter then the First range, see below). Tecnica is suitable for the experienced amatuer racer and junior professional alike. If you are look to experience a new level of performance in your sport then the Tecnica range may be for you.

OMP First
OMP's First range is suitable for those starting out in the sport and need to keep to a budget. The OMP First range is simplistic in design but offering the same high standards in safety.