Capit Helmet Dryer

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The Capit Helmet Dryer has been designed to solve one of the most troublesome issues for riders and drivers competing in the UK, how to make the inside of your helmet dry. When you are focused on driving a motorcycle/car on track, you sweat at all outdoor temperatures. It so happens that in a cold season (but also when the heat is particularly warm and muggy), the helmet sweat doesn’t dry out, thus creating problems of bad comfort, fogging of the visor or worse, sweat drops into the eyes.

With the function "hot air" (however you can select also "cold air" function) the Capit Helmet Dryer is able to dry the inside of the helmet in a few minutes and without leaving annoying odours.

The Capit helmet dryer comes as standard with a UK plug, however other options are available. (Helmet not included)

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