OMP Platinum Collection Rally Extinguisher CESAL3R

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The CESAL3R is part of OMP's platinum collection and is designed for use in any saloon competition vehicle (although it is especial suited to rally competitions). The CESAL3R is an electrically controlled unit. Made from aluminium for lightweight and reduced dimensions.

The CESAL3R is available as either a complete kit (includes everything you need to install the unit) or as just a bottle. It is also available to ship either pressurised or un-pressurised (if purchasing an un-pressurised system then please not you will need to get the unit pressurised before competing, this option should only be selected if surface shipping is impossible, please call or email for details).

The specification of the OMP CESAL3R is:

Length (mm) 245
Diameter (mm) 160
Weight (Kg) 4.3
Capacity (Ltr) 3
Homologation EX.035.11
Technical List 16

The complete kit for the CEFAL3R includes:

Product Code Description Quantity
CD/300-AT Anti-Torpedo Tabs 2
8mm Hose (1mtr) 1
6mm Hose (1mtr) 1
CD/323/N/8 Aluminium Tubing 8mm (5mtr length) 1
CD/323/N/6 Aluminium Tubing 6mm (3mtr length) 1
E sticker 2
CD/398 Control Box 1
CD/399 6-8mm Reducer 1
X/181493 Rubber Ring 1
EA/467 Push Button 1
CD/393 Nozzle 7
X/363/E/CAV Wiring Loom 1
CD/392/N T Piece (8mm) 3
CD/392/N/6 T Piece (6mm) 1
CD/391/N 90 Degree Connector (8mm) 2
CD/391/N/6 90 Degree Connector (6mm) 1
CD/390/N T Piece (8mm) Connector 2