Zircoflex Ceramic Heat Shield

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ZircoFlex® is a revolutionary flexible ceramic heat shield material, offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness. The material is produced as a thin aluminium or gold backed foil that is:

Flexible - ZircoFlex® is easily bent and manipulated to suit different geometries, and can even be folded tightly through 180o without damaging the thermal barrier.

Lightweight - ZircoFlex I® weighs only 0.46kg/m2.

Extremely thin - at 0.25mm overall needing only minimal space for installation.

Metal backed, so the material is robust and easy to handle.

Easily cut and installed by hand or machine.

Easily fixed in place using mechanical fasteners or high temperature adhesives.

ZircoFlex is available in a number of formats:

ZircoFlex I - this is ZircoFlex® in its single thickness format (as outlined above);

ZircoFlex II - an engineered double thickness format offering additional thermal barrier performance and a little more rigidity; still thin (~0.5mm) and lightweight (~1 kg/m2);

ZircoFlex III - an engineered triple thickness format offering yet more thermal performance. This is a relatively rigid material that can be used to construct small self-supporting structures, though it is still easily cut and bent to shape and is still relatively thin (~0.85mm) and lightweight (~1.5 kg/m2).

Typical Zircoflex ceramic heat shield applications:

Protection of engine bay components from engine/exhaust heat

Bodywork protection

Reduction of heat soak through footwells, bulkheads, etc.

Fuel tank protection

Thermal insulation of silencer units, etc.