Thermotec Kevlar Heat Barrier

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The ThermoTec Kevlar Heat Barrier is made from Kevlar with a Mylar finish. This heat barrier can withstand up to 3000 degrees F of radiant heat and can withstand direct contact up to 800 degrees F.

This kevlar heat barrier can be installed using standard rivets with a backup washer or our Heavy-Duty Spray Adhesive. The use of clamps or straps such as Thermo-Tec's Snap Strap can be used to hold the blanket in place for applications on manifolds or exhaust systems. In applications such as a heat shield on the undercarriage above the exhaust the material should be held in place by fasteners as described above.

When used as a heat shield, the kevlar heat barrier is installed so the bright metallic surface faces the heat source. When used to retain heat in applications such as exhaust manifolds, the barrier is installed with the fabric side facing the heat. This allows the metallic surface to act as a barrier to prevent the penetration of liquids.