Millers Competition Transmission Oil for Limited Slip Diffs (CRX LS)

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Established in 1887, Millers range of specialist Motorsport products and gearbox oils are developed in close partnership with leading motorsport teams. This helps Millers to refine and prove product effectiveness under extreme race conditions. These winning Millers gearbox oils result in a world class product range providing incredible performance and protection. The NANODRIVE technology gear oil range (NT) is where Millers are able to dramatically reduce friction through the use of spherical nanoparticle structures in the oil formulations. The formulations reduce high load friction at extreme pressures, reducing engine component wear and increasing engine power.

MILLERS CRX LS 75W90 NT & CRX LS 75W140 NT (for LSD differentials)

Fully synthetic lightweight transmission oil for limited slip differentials, non syncrho and sequential gearboxes. Incorporates NANORIVE technology to further reduce friction and increase gear life.