Millers Classic Mini Oil

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Millers Classic Mini Oil 20W50 is a moderate detergent premium SAE 20W50 multigrade mineral engine and gear oil. This oil has been specifically engineered for classic mini engines with an integral gearbox for excellent engine performance incorporating gear oil additives for smooth gear shift and improving wear (compared to standard 20W50 oils). It is formulated with full ZDDP (zinc/phosphorus).

The Millers Classic Mini Oil can be used in any installations where the engine and gearbox share the same oil. This oil is also suitable for some classic motorcycles preferable non-roller bearing big end type where the clutch runs in engine oil. Meets API SF and GL4.

Millers Classic Mini Oil 20W50 is available in 20ltr, 5ltr or 1ltr bottles. Please note 1ltr bottles have a minimum order quantity of 10 units.