Castrol Edge & R40

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Castrol Edge Engine Oil

Castrol’s proprietary formulation for high performance and modified modern vehicles. This Castrol engine oil offers outstanding wear protection, and protection against high temperatures and extreme conditions. Castrol Edge engine oil is a fully synthetic formulation. With the aim of delivering a smooth, cool & powerful ride. Formulated to provide superb strength, deliver race proven power and performance for highly tuned competition engines, provide strength in reserve when you’re pushing the limits and protect your engine even when fast, hot or hard running. Available in 1L and 4L bottles.

Castrol R40 Engine Oil

The Castrol R40 engine oil provides the ultimate in lubrication. If the best possible performance coupled with reliability is the aim then the remarkable stamina and great film strength of Castrol R40 will provide a valuable margin of safety at ultra high engine speeds and temperatures. This Castrol engine oil is a castor based lubricant which is primarily designed for the racing world; however its unique properties can also benefit private owners interested in high performance.