BLK MSD-6AL DGT. Ignition w/rev Cont

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MSD's 6AL digital ignition is part of the base model range of MSD ignition systems. This system is ideal for those looking for a 'hotter' spark and improved drivability. The 6AL is similar to the 6A model, however a rev limiter is included. This unit is also available in the more traditional MSD red.

Spark Energy 135-145 mJ per spark
Primary Voltage 520-540 volts
Secondary Voltage 45,000 volts
Spark Series Duration 20° Crankshaft Rotation
RPM Range 0-15,000 RPM with 14.4 volts
Voltage Required 12-15 volts, 7 volt start
Current Draw .7 Amp per 1,000 RPM
Weight 771 grams
Dimms (L x W x H) 203mm x 101mm x 46mm

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