ITG JC71 Air Filter (Including Blank Baseplate)

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ITG's JC70 & JC71 air filters were originally designed and developed for use with the legendary Cosworth DFV and it's derivatives in Formula 3000, however since then it's excellent design has been found on many V8 and 4 cylinder applications. The JC71 is lightweight and has three button fasteners for retaining the filter to the aluminium base plate (included). The filter is entirely fire safe, the internal foam being self-extinguishing. Not recommended for road use. The JC71, a shortened version of the popular JC70 air filter, has been designed to give the same performance but for applications where space is at a premium

Part No. Internal height (A) Width (B) Length (C) Overall Height (D)
JC71 75 135 451 85

A longer version (the JC70) is also available.