Cartek XR Battery Isolator

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The Cartek battery isolator offers a small but highly reliable unit with no mechanical parts. The Cartek isolator is designed for maximising reliability, enhance safety and save weight whilst offering simple/easy installation.

The Cartek XR battery isolator has the following features:

  • Fully electronic with no moving parts
  • Sealled to avoid contamination against water/dirt
  • Sock and vibration resistant
  • Fully integrated including built in alternator run-down function
  • Driver operation by a single internal ON-OFF button/switch
  • External operation by single or multiple 'strike' button(s)
  • Very small and weight of only 120g
  • Designed and manufactured in UK using the latest and best quality components available
  • Compliant with FIA Safety Regulations

The Cartek XR Battery Isolator disconnects the negative side of the battery from chassis, as described above, and stops the engine by outputting an ‘engine stop’ signal which is recognised by most programmable motorsport ECUs and Power Distribution Modules. The ECU or PDM will then shut down when it acknowledges this signal - which then stops the engine. The latest XR Battery Isolator also features a 0.5 sec time delay between transmitting the engine stop signal and disconnecting the battery allowing ECUs time to perform a shutdown sequence before electrical power is lost.

This unit is available with either a blue or red button (there is no difference in the specification) or as just the isolator by itself (no button) option.

Size: 93x50mm 60x45mm
Weight: 120g 70g
Operational Voltage: 7v-18v 7v-18v
Battery Consumption when off: 6mA 1mA
Battery negative switching current: 600A, 2000A Surge 600A, 2000A Surge
Engine Kill output: 30A Protected ECU/PDM signal
Operating Temperature -10°C to +85°C -10°C to +85°C