Super-B Lithium Batteries

Super B lightweight Lithium Ion batteries are designed to replace the much heavier lead/acid batteries. Super B Lithium batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology and is the safest Lithium Ion technology available. The specially designed casing and electronics further increase safety and durability.

Advantages of this lithium battery over standard batteries include: Up to 80% lighter, recharges within 5 minutes of engine start, smaller casing, 5 year service life and has a low self-discharge rate.

Operating Temperature -20°c to +60°c & 13.2V Operating Voltage.

Part NumberPulse DischargeNominal CapacityWeight (KG)Dimensions (mm)Minimum Power (WATT)Maximum Power (WATT)Applications
SB10P600101.7582X120X12722447940Race cars up to 2Ltr using alternator
SB15P900152.6082X120X180336611880Race cars up to 3Ltr using alternator
SB20P1200203.4082X120X236448815840Race cars upt to 4Ltr
SB25P1500254.2097X250X142924019800Larger racing cars & trucks
SB2600P1502.60.4735X114X816601980Motorbikes 4 stroke, up to 250CC
SB5200P3005.20.9062X114X8113203960Motorbikes up to 1000CC 4 stroke, 250CC 2 stroke
SB7800P4507.81.3082X120X9519805940Motorbikes 4 stroke up to 1500CC

The applications listed above are only a suggested. It is recommended that you select the battery that is the next specification up from the model you require. This is so that the battery can cope with the 'real world' situations it will be in such as multiple re-starts before the race, onboard electronic systems and pre-heating the engine before the session.