High Spec Gear Linkage UJ's

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The high spec needle bearing universal joint is even stronger and longer lasting than the ordinary mil spec joint. It has the ability to be rebuilt when wear and tear occurs and is a sealed/lubricated cross & bearing style joint. The life of the joint is prolonged by having a pre-lubricated needle bearing. This UJ is made from AISI 1144 alloy steel.


  • Ability to handle higher angles and RPM
  • Near zero backlash
  • Rigid axial stiffness for push/pull loads
  • Fatigue proof steel

    Part No.IDODLengthTorque (LB/FT)Max Angle
    RTUJNB101/2” X 1/2”0.875”3.188”300035⁰
    RTUJNB125/8” X5/8”0.875”3.188”300035⁰
    RTUJNB143/4” X 3/4"1”3.188”300035⁰
    RTUJNB (Blank)NA1.25”3.188”300035⁰