GKN Lightweight 108mm CV Joint

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Lightweight constant velocity plunging joints developed by GKN permit easy motion on both wheel and differential applications. On the back of over 30 years of continuous development of GKN Driveline products, these GKN Motorsport plunging 108mm OD lightweight CV joints offer significant weight reduction, cooler running temperatures and enhanced joint life and performance. This lightweight CV joint offers around 20% weight reduction over the standard joint.

Plunging joints are most often used as the inboard joint (transmission side) on FWD vehicles and on the inboard and outboard of RWD and AWD applications with independent suspension. The plunge on the 108mm OD Lightweight GKN CV joint is +/-14mm.

GKN is the largest designer and manufacturer of driveline solutions in the world, which enables GKN Motorsport to offer an unsurpassed range of standard, lightened and easy motion constant velocity joints able to cope with the most demanding applications.

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