AP Racing CP4400 - Bulkhead Mount, Short Stroke, Push Type Master Cylinder

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The CP4400 is a compact master cylinder which has been designed with a ‘centre lock’ bulkhead fixing (10mm to 22mm Max) to meet the installation requirements of composite structure racing cars.

CP4400 Features:

Inlet and Outlet ports are positioned at the end of the master cylinder away from the bulkhead to provide clearance for steering racks etc, where required.

Aluminium Alloy Body.

Extra Short travel to cut-off standard.


Weight .29Kg (.64lbs)

Full Stroke 25.4mm (1.00")

Travel To Cut-Off - Extra Short - .48 to .63mm (.19" to .25")

Inlet Hydraulic Thread 7/16" x 20UNF

Outlet Hydraulic Thread 3/8" x 24UNF

Push Rod Threads Available -PRM = M8 x 1.25 - PRT = 5/16" UNF

Push Rod Length from Mounting Flange PRM/PRT135 - 135mm (5.31") PRM/PRT180 - 180mm (7.08")

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