CP2577 (et al) Formula Ford Caliper from AP Racing

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The AP Racing CP2577-14E0 Formula Ford caliper is widely used in Formula Ford competition (interchangeable with CP2485-8/9S0 & CP2577-3E0). Other variants of this caliper are available with different piston sizes are available, these are often used in rally or circuit racing.


Caliper Piston Diameter (mm) Piston Area (cmsq) Piston P. Number Seal Kit Seals (x2)
CP2577-14E0 44.50 31.04 CP2577-102 CP4518-L CP4900-282
CP2576-3E0 41.30 26.76 CP2576-105 CP4518-K CP4900-283
CP3176-2E0 38.10 22.80 CP3176-102 CP4518-J CP4900-284
CP3177-2E0 36.00 20.35 CP3177-102 CP4518-H CP4900-285
CP3178-2E0 31.80 15.83 CP3178-102 CP4518-E CP4900-288

The specification for this family of calipers is:

Disc Diameter (mm) 267
Disc Thickness (mm) 9.7
Wieight (excl, pads) (Kg) 1.1
Hydraulic Threads 3/8" UNF
Mounting Type Lug
Mounting Hole Dia (mm) 9.6
Mounting Centres (mm) 88.9
Mounting Offset (mm) 24.6 (CP2577-14E0 = 20.6)
'PL' Dimension (mm) 46.9 (CP2577-14E0 = 48.5)

Raceparts can provide a wide variety of spares/accessories for this CP2577 Formula Ford caliper, please see the table below:

Example Pads 2592300
Bleed Screw CP3720-182
Pad Retainer Clip CP2213-17 X2

If you can not find the part you require then please call or email us with details.

Raceparts can also provide discs for this AP Racing CP2577 caliper, please call or email for more details.