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Formula Ford 1600 brake pads as used in the majority of calipers for Formula Ford 1600. However this pad shape is also used in a wide variety of other categories.

This pad is available in a variety of compounds:

The 1144 compound is often used in short sprint races, especially by those new to the sport. The 1144 compound is a versatile compound which is easy to use can be used for fast road, track day and circuit racing.

Mintex's 1155 is a more competition based compound compared to the 1144. Suited to more established racers and it does require some warming up. The 1155 is suitable for light and heavy single seaters as well as light rally cars.

For those wishing to compete in rallying the 1166 is an ideal brake pad compound. It is also sometimes unused in shorter endurance racing (2-4 hours).