Castrol SRF Brake Fluid

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Castrol React SRF Racing is a high performance Castrol brake fluid of special value in competitive motor sport where extreme braking conditions are encountered. It is an exclusive Castrol product registered under patents in many countries.

Castrol SRF Applications:

Castrol SRF Racing brake fluid has an exceptionally high dry boiling point ( typically 320°C ) making it ideal for use under arduous braking conditions such as racing or rallying.

Castrol SRF React Racing has a very high vapour lock point (the more important measure of high temperature performance under actual braking conditions), and has the additional advantage of sustaining high vapour lock point characteristics during its service life. In order to achieve the optimum benefits in such applications, advanced materials have been employed in a unique and patented Castrol brake fluid formulation. It is recommended that this brake fluid is changed every 18 months to maintain it's exceptionally high vapour lock performance.

Castrol SRF racing brake fluid with Raceparts. Castrol SRF is a high performance racing brake fluid for where extreme braking conditions are encountered.