AP Racing Balance Bar Adjuster Cable With Digital Readout

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General Description:

CP2905-15 Incorporates the CP2905-8 balance bar adjuster cable. The balance bar digital readout provides the user with an accurate indication of the exact position of the balance bar to the right or the left of centre. The illuminated digital display is mounted in a plastic housing with two fixing points for mounting to the dashboard and is supplied with approximately 18" of cable to the transducer.


The adjuster body can be fitted through a Ø19mm hole in the dashboard or bulkhead also using the mounting plate for increased security.

Installation of Adjuster Cables:

Ensure that the balance bar is correctly installed and turns freely (see installation drawing in downloads area). The cable should not be installed with any bends of less than 50mm (2") radius otherwise wind-up may occur. For maximum stiffness the outer cable should be securely fastened in place along its complete length using the clips provided. Cut the cable to the required length preferably using an elastic grinding wheel, secure end fitting to the balance bar, insert cable and lock in place with a grub screw.