CapIt Tyre Warmers (Car)

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CapIt manufactures high quality tyre blankets/warmers which are used in a wide variety of championships on both race and test teams including Formula One.

The CapIt range of products are available for all tyre sizes and are available in two versions: PLUG (with "TNT" technology self to 85 ° C) with plug at 230V, or in the more professional version LEO where it is possible, through the use of our control units LEO, select the desired temperature in a range between 20 ° c up to 110 ° c and beyond. If you require a different plug size then please let us know when you order.

All blankets are supplied complete with pockets for notes and patch identification (Front left / right and Rear left / right). In GT / PROTOTYPE / F1 models are standard also coloured identification stripes but you can also have them on demand on other models.

CapIt tyre warmers have the following features:

  • No present thermostat. constant temperature at 85 ° C self-regulating
  • Heating surface + 40% compared to the competition
  • Special internal insulation fire retardant aramid fibres as well (big energy savings: 200 watts instead of 400)
  • Perfect water resistance even in extreme conditions
  • Increased abrasion resistance of tyres, so longer life
  • Operating control lamp
  • external cable durable silicone up to 250 °C
  • 24h continuous tested before sale
SizeFront (Width X Circumference) (mm)Rear (Width X Circumference) (mm)
XS180 X 1670240 X 1800
S210 X 1880300 X 1980
M200 X 1920240 X 2100
L265 X 1900305 X 2100
XL250 X 2000350 X 2250
XXL300 X 2100440 X 2250

These tyre warmers are available in a variety of different colours. Please specify which colour you would like in the comments section when you place your order:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Carbon