Fuel Sampling Kits

Fuel sample kits have become a required piece of kit for MSA championships in the UK. Raceparts has a variety of different options for these testing kits available, in this article we take a look at the different options.

The MSA Blue Book now requires all competitors in a MSA or British championship to have a fuel sampling system built into the car. For these systems FIA approved dry breaks must be used. Raceparts has three main options for how to buy a fuel sampling kit:

  • Complete kit - includes the on board parts and the components required to take the sample.
  • Plug only - Jut the components which need to be built into the fuel system.
  • Bespoke kit - If your requirements are not met by the 'off the shelf' systems.

There are three different options for the complete fuel sample testing kits (these options are also the same for the plug only product). FSK1 (shown in the picture above) is a fuel sample kit for fuel lines which are size -6. It comes with a male/female adaptor. The FSK2 fuel kit is also for -6 size hoses but comes with a male/male adaptor and hose ends. The FSK3 kit is for 8mm push-on hose fuel lines. It's always recommended that you have at least one complete fuel sampling available to use. This is so that you don't run the risk of your fuel samples being contaminated by other people cheating.

If you require plug only system then you just add PO to the part number, so a plug only system for FSK2 is FSK2PO.

To purchase a fuel sampling kit please click here.

If you require a bespoke fuel sample testing kit then please contact us either via email or phone to discuss your requirements.