OMP Extinguisher Servicing

Here at Raceparts we are able to service OMP fire extinguishers. We operate a variety of different services to make sure that your extinguisher can be serviced as quickly as possible.

Some General Notes

Motorsport extinguishers are required to be serviced every two years.

The bottles themselves are only useable for ten years from date of manufacture, so you have to buy a new bottle every ten years. You can buy bottle only kits from Raceparts, please call or email us for further details.

If you would like Raceparts to service your extinguisher then please contact us before sending or delivering the extinguisher. This is to ensure that a certified member of staff will be available to carry out the service.

We can service all OMP fire extinguishers on site including 8865 (List 52) units. For details on pricing and expected turn-a-round times please call or email. Please note that in busier times of the year (such as pre-season) we do get a lot of people requiring this service so lead-times can increase. However we work very hard to ensure that services can take place as quickly as possible.

None OMP Extinguishers

Raceparts can also arrange for servicing of extinguishers which are produced by other manufacturers. Please call or email us for further details.