Useful Tools & Equipment

There are several tools and piece of equipment that you will require as part of your preparations for the competition. Here are a few examples of useful kit which you may need when competing in motorsport competitions and/or Formula Student. If you would like a quotation on any of these items please contact us in the usual way with details of your request.

Brake Bleed Bottle
Brake bleed bottles makes the process of bleeding brakes a lot simplar. By connecting the bottle to the calipar when bleeding brakes you are able to cleanly collect waste fluid as it is pumped through the system. Bleed bottles are available in 500ml or 1000ml sizes with either single or twin hoses depending on how many nipples your calipers have.

Tyre Pressure Gauges
Raceparts offer a variety of different tyre pressure gauges which are suitable for competition use. When selecting a tyre pressure gauge you have to make a decision between the price you want to pay, performance, range of the measure you require, units (PSI or BAR) and size of the display. If you are buying a lower priced model (£30 - £100) then an analogue display offers best value for money. Digital display models are better units at the higher price points.

Racetech produce two models (40psi & 60psi options) both of which are analogue displays which show both PSI and BAR readings.

Intercomp have a wide range of options available. Readings can be in either BAR or PSI on an analogue display in either 2", 2.5" or 4". Some of the displays are available as a glow in the dark option. Intercomp do offer a range of digital models as well.

Raceparts can also offer other manufacturers such as Longacre and OMP.

Jacks & Stands
To be able to work on the car safely and efficiently you will need to be able to lift the car above the floor. Most single seaters will use two different jacks. The front of the car is lifted by use of a quick jack. This has a square plate which slides under the car, the handle of the jack is then lowered which lifts the car in the air. The rear of the car is usually lifted by use of a T jack or rear jack. This has a large T-piece connector (mounted to two wheels) which will sit underneath two wings that are permanently bolted to the rear of the car. The handle is lowered to raise the car. Raceparts offers jacks made by BG Racing, Formula Student discounts are available.

Stands come in a variety of different sizes but essentially fall into two different categories. The first type are relatively small and are for holding the car when it is lifted in the method outlined above. The second set of stands are designed for holding the car when it is quite a bit higher in the air (usually around 30"). The larger stands are better when doing longer jobs on the vehicle. BG Racing offer both types of stands and Raceparts also has other options available.

Set-up Equipment
For details of the set-up equipment available from Raceparts please see the Set-up Equipment section.

Other Pit Garage Equipment
Raceparts is able to offer a variety of different other items such as work tables, storage units, pit trolleys etc. For more information please contact us via email or phone.

If you would like more information about any of these items and/or a quotation the please contact us via email or phone and we will gladly help you out.

Raceparts offers a wide variety of Formula Student and Formula SAE related products. For more details on the sort of products we offer please click here. If you would like general advice and information on competing in Formula Student or other motorsport activities then please click here.