Racetech Temperature Strips/Paint

Racetech offers a variety of temperature indicators which are suitable for motorsport use. These can offer a quick and more cost effective way of measuring temperatures compared to pyrometers and other devices. The Racetech thermal indicators are split into two different types of product, the Thermal Paint and Temperature Strips.

Racetech Thermal Paint
The Racetech Thermal Paint is often used on surfaces such as brake discs but can have other applications. This is a much used product within the motorsport industry. Each thermal indicator kit contains three colour changing paints, giving a range of 450ºC to 650ºC. Easily applied with brushes and cleaner supplied in each kit. The Racetech Brake Temperature Paint Kit is easy to apply. Just apply a single coat to a cleaned and de-greased surface, it will be touch dry 15-30 minutes. An even coat will give the best thermal mapping.

Racetech Temperature Strips
Racetech temperature indicator strips offer a quick and easy way to measure the maximum temperature. These self adhesive temperature strips are a low cost solution that will greatly aid in car development.

Racetech offer 7 different ranges of temperature strips with each pack contains ten temperature strips. The ranges available are:

Kit Range (⁰C)
A 37 - 65
B 71 - 110
C 116 - 154
D 160 - 199
E 204 - 260
F 149 - 260
G 121 - 280

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