Racetech Mirrors

Racetech produce a wide variety of mirror options. There are four distinct ranges of mirrors available. Each of these have options available including colour, mounting and glass type.

F1 Style

The Racetech Design F1 mirror offers many exciting features. The non-handed design means that the same model can be used for either left or right hand applications. A central mounting stem version is also available. The glass size is 110mm X 50mm. The total weight of the mirror is just 86g. Most models are available in either self-coloured black or white, flat or convexed glass and in either swivel or fixed mount. To view the available options on the Racetech website please click here.

GP2/F3 Mirrors

The Racetech Design GP2 & F3 mirror is a modern variant on the Classic style mirror. It was developed to meet with the current GP2 and Formula 3 specifications. This mirror has already become a favioute among car builders. The glass size is 150mm X 50mm and is available as either flat or convexed. There are four different stem designs to choose from, please just add the stem number at the end of the part number your require. (For example if you require the flat glass in a left hand number 3 stem then the part number is RTMLL3). These mirrors are only available in black. To view the range on the Racetech website please click here.

Classic Style Mirrors

Racetech Design's Classic Style Mirror (shown above) is a firm favourite with historic racers and contemporary car builders alike. The Classic Style Mirror suits single seater use in particular. This mirror is offered in either left or right hand mounts. The glass size is 110mm X 50mm and is available in either flat or convexed glass. The total weight is 99g. A kit car pillar mount and a kit car aero screen mount is also available. These mirrors are available in black or white. To see the range of Racetech Classic Style Mirrors please click here.

Classic Style Bulltet Mirrors

A highly popular choice with classic car enthusiasts, these mirrors don't look out of place on any classic roadster road or race car although they would be an unusual choice for Formula Student. The glass is adjustable to suit different driving positions and is available in either flat or convexed glass. The glass size is 90mm diameter. This mirror is also available in either a twin bolt (which weighs 325g) or single blot (which weighs 255g) option. The mirror has a bright polish finish. To view the Classic Style Bullet Mirrors on Racetech's website please click here.

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