Racetech Balance Bar/Cable

Racetech has produced a range of balance bars and cables over the years which have proven popular with the majority of chassis builders. Used throughout the single seater and sports car sectors of the industry there is sure to be a product suitable for your needs.

Balance Bar Assembly

Racetech adjustable brake balance bar assemblies are available with alloy or steel clevis and supplied with cross tube ready to weld into the pedal to suit 3” and 2.5” master cylinder centres. High quality 55 ton steel is used for the balance bar. Many manufacturers have taken advantage of this package as the cost is less than manufacturing their own assembly!

The majority of Formula Student teams opt for a 2.5" size centre as space is limited on a Formula Student car, however some will have room for the 3" option. The centre piece is 1" diameter regardless of which length you have. The clevis' also have a similar split with most opting for the alloy option, however some do prefer the strength of the steel clevis.

Part NumberDescriptionWeight (grams)
AA3" Centres, Alloy Clevis218.4
LS3" Centres, Steel Clevis266.6
AA2.52.5" Centres, Alloy Clevis203.4
LS2.52.5" Centres, Steel Clevis248.2

Both the steel and allor clevis' have a 5/16 UNF thread for mounting to the master cylinder push rods.

Brake Balance Cables

All of the above balance bars have 3/8 UNF threaded ends for the fitting of a Racetech Balance Bar Cable. The brake balance cable by Racetech has been a popular choice for many chassis manufacturers in the motorsport industry. Compatible with not just the Racetech brake balance bar but those produced by other manufacturers as well (please check before purchasing).

A superior product that has been used by most Formula One teams currently competing. A neat lightweight cockpit adjuster with a positive half stop. Each cable is supplied complete with a fitting kit. The sizes listed below are all imperial lengths but custom and metric lengths are also available, please contact us for more details (although this can be a costly option).

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