Nuts & Bolts

Raceparts can offer a wide range of nuts and bolt options which are suitable for a variety of different applications. Below are details of some of the more common bolts and nuts that we supply Formula Student competitors and the wider motorsport community. If you require a quotation or further information then please call or email us.

NAS Bolts
These National Aerospace Standard, fine threaded dimple-head hex bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 160,000 psi and a minimum shear strength of 95,000 psi. Thread length is consistent within each diameter and grip lengths are available in 1/16" increments. These NAS bolts are used in applications where a premium quality, high strength bolt is necessary. These bolts are only available in imperial sizes and with UNF thread. NAS bolts have a Hex head.

AN Bolts
AN Bolts are also an aerospace specification of bolt and are similar to a NAS bolt (see above). However the tensile strength is 125,000 psi and the sheer strength is 75,000 psi. These are a lower price then compared to the NAS bolt. The thread length is standard across each diameter bolt however the grip length is different. The increments for grip length go up by 1/8" so there are not as many precise options when compared to the NAS bolt. These bolts are only available in imperial sizes and with UNF thread. AN bolts have a head hex and an option for drilled hex head (which allows lockwire to be used as a security measure).

DIN 12.9 Bolts
These are a more standard/common type of bolt then the Aerospace bolts listed above. The DIN 12.9 are made from high grade alloy steel to BE EN ISO 898/1 Grade 12.9, These are a self coloured bolt and are rated to 300°C. These bolts are available in either metric or imperial sizes. The DIN 12.9 are available in a variety of different head options (Cap, hex, button, countersunk). The thread length is usually roughly 60% of the overall length (measured from under the head to the end of the bolt).

The K-nut is an extremely common nut type used throughout motorsport. They are deformed in shape which means they pinch the bolt. The bolt deforms the shape of the nut making it extremely tight. K-nuts feature a flanged end so the look like they have a washer at the bottom but this is part of the nut. The ratio between the spanner size and the thread size is very small (you use the next spanner up) so the weight is very low. K-nuts are very widely used in the aerospace industry and are available in both metric and imperial sizes. Standard K-nuts are suitable for temperatures up to 235°C and are produced in 35CrMo4 steel (UNI7845). Captive washer versions are also available (please call or email for details).

High Temp K-Nuts
These are the same as the K-nuts listed above, however they are better suited for higher temperatures. These are rated for 425°C and are made from A286 alloy. Captive high temp k-nuts are also available.

Anchor Nuts
Anchor nuts have a variety of different names so you may have heard of them referred to as Nut Plates, Self-Wrenching or Self-Locking nuts. They are commonly used for closeout or space constrained areas where there is limited access for tooling. The purpose of an anchor nut is to provide a permanent nut fixing on the internal side of a joint so that another element can be attached with a screw thread. Anchor nuts are usually attached via rivets, commonly in a twin lug configuration either side of the thread however single lug and corner configurations are also available. Anchor nuts are available in either imperial or metric thread sizes.

Nyloc Nuts
Nylocs are commonly used outside of motorsport but are not as common as a K-nut within motorsport (also automotive and other precision/specialist engineering industries). A Nyloc is a threaded nut with a Nyon section which the mating thread cuts into. This nylon acts as a locking component. However the maximum temperature is significantly reduced (usually around 120°C). Raceparts normally has UNF imperial sizes available off the shelf but can get metric sizes if required.

Lock Nuts
Sometimes also referred to as a Half Nut. Lock nuts are commonly used on rod ends as a method of securing them into wishbones but do have other motorsport applications. Raceparts offers locknuts in both right and left hand thread as well as metric (including non-standard pitch) and UNF threads.

AN Lock Nuts
Similar to lock nuts but manufactured to a higher standard. These are only available in UNF threads (both left and right handed).

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