Goodridge Hoses and Fittings

Raceparts is proud to be a partner of Goodridge. We supply a variety of Goodridge components for brake/clutch lines as well as fuel, coolant, oil hoses.

For the 2020 Formula Student competitions we hope to be producing off the shelf complete brake line kits.

Brake & Clutch Lines

Goodridge produce a wide range of brake line parts and fittings. Raceparts can supply hose ends, banjo adaptors, brake light banjos, and hose for brake or clutch applications and even fully crimped & pressure tested complete hose assemblies. It's always worth planning out your requirements before you start to order the parts as there are a lot of alternatives such as different angles and materials.

For female fittings you will also need to know if your fitting is concave or convex. Concave are the type of seat with goes inside of the fitting itself whilst Convex seat protrude out from the fitting.

Oil, Coolant & Fuel (braided)

Goodridge's 200 series hose is ideal for oil, coolant, water or fuel. Goodridge 200 Series hose is the premier stainless steel braided nitrile hose. Designed for use with a wide range of re-usable aluminium hose ends it provides essential protection and resistance to high pressure, temperature, vibration, fire risks and chafing. It is constructed with a seamless synthetic CPE inner which has an integral stainless steel braid and a high tensile stainless steel outer braid. The 200 series hose has the highest corrosion and fire resistance threshold of any stainless braided nitrile hose available. Also available is the 210 series hose which has a similar specification but has a lightweight fibre braid.

The Goodridge 236 fittings are suitable for the 200/210 hoses and feature swept angles. These JIC aluminium reusable fittings are precisely engineered to match Goodridge 200/210 hose to provide excellent performance and service. The smooth, brazed tube design provides excellent fluid flow and leak free connection. Available in silver/black finish for historic applications, if you would like them in these colours please call or email us for more details.

For forged fittings for use with the 200/210 hose Raceparts 336 fittings. These are similar in specification to the 236 fittings.

Note: The 200-Series hose, like any nitrile-core hose, is not 100% compatible with modern race/performance petrol or methanol and should not be used inside a closed cockpit. Always use a PTFE-core hose in this application.

Oil, Coolant & Fuel (push-fit)

If you would prefer to use push-fit style hose then the Goodridge 536 range is ideal. These are available in a wide range of angles and sizes.

Oil, Coolant & Fuel (PTFE hose)

For details of the 825 series hose and 811/812 fittings please call or email us.

Hose Application Chart

TypeSizeID "OD "FittingsTemp ÂșCApplication
MaxMinAirWaterPump FuelOilBrake Fluid
600 Series-03.125-6001 etc.+150-46/
200 Series (Stainless Steel Braid)-06.34.561136, 236 & 336+150-40///
210 Series (Black Cloth Braid)-06.34.561136, 236 & 336+148-40///
825 Series (PTFE)-06.391.525811 & 812+110-40////
FBN (Rubber)-04.25.50536, 350, 352, 7000 & 7001+150-40////

Other hoses are available, call for details.

Material Selection

Most of our fittings are available in either plated steel (P), stainless steel (C) or aluminium (D). Plated steel is usually the cheaper option so is worth exploring where budget is an issue. Stainless steel offers greater durability so is normally selected where long life components are required. Both plated and stainless steels options offer suitable solutions for brake and clutch lines which are usually -3 (brake) or -4 (clutch). Aluminium is the lightest material option however is not suitable for brake line components due to brake fluid being corrosive when mixed with aluminium over a long period of time. Aluminium is usually used for bigger lines such as oil, fuel or coolant.

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