Raceparts UK is proud of the role we play in helping Formula Student teams both in the UK and around the world. We are involved with teams in Eastern Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia. Every team we work with is offered the same low pricing and great service.

To show that all teams are treated equally we do not ask for any form of sponsorship from any team. This means that you can still get great Formula Student deals and advice from us whilst being able to offer the sponsorship to other organisations.

A General Note on Sponsorship

At Raceparts we get sent a lot of sponsorship proposals throughout the year for a wide variety of different categories of motorsport. Some pointers for when you approach other companies/organisations about sponsorship:

  • Do your research - find out about the company before making contact. What is it they do? Do they already sponsor someone else in your category? Are they likely to say yes?
  • What are you offering - the days of putting a sticker on the car and charging money for that are long gone. The sponsor will want to see a value for money return on their investment. Think about what is in it for them, what benefit will they see in sponsoring you.
  • Value for money - print advertising is very cheap at the moment, as is SEO and online advertising. If your plan is to put a sticker on the car and then your sponsor will see an increase in sales you'll never be able to offer the same market penetration as cheaper forms of advertising.

Another thought is this. If you are reading this page then chances are you are some form of engineering student. Why are you trying to sell sponsorship? Engineers don't get involved in these sorts of deals. Why don't try to involve some sports management or business management students in this project? You wouldn't expect a PR student to be able to design a car just because they can put together a sponsorship proposal so why the other way round?