Most teams will come up against the problem of lead-times at some point during their build. This is the amount of time it takes to order and be supplied with a part. Throughout our site we give estimates on lead-times based on the experience we have built up since 1970, if you are in any doubt however please feel free to email or call us for more information.

It is worth noting the estimated lead-times when you are in your design stage. A lot of teams will leave ordering new components until it is to late. This will make any design, research and development useless. So that you have the best chance of putting your new ideas onto the car before the competition (and hopefully even have enough time to do some testing) you need to order your parts as far in advance as possible.

The lead-times for common Formula Student parts are as follows:

AP Racing 10-12 weeks (although some items are available 'off-the-shelf')
BG Racing 7-10 working days
Braille Batteries 3-5 working days
Electrical Components 3-5 working days
Essentials 3-5 working days
Fans 3-5 working days
Fasteners 3-5 working days
FK 3-5 working days if in stock, 2-3 weeks if not
GKN 6-10 weeks (although some items are available 'off-the-shelf')
Goodridge 3-5 working days
ITG 10 weeks days
MSD Ignition 2-3 weeks (although some items are available 'off-the-shelf')
NMB 3-5 working days if in stock, call/email for details
Nuts & Bolts 3-5 working days
OBP 7-10 working days
Racetech 3-5 working days
Racewear 2-3 weeks
Rain Lights 3-5 working days
Rollbar Padding 3-5 working days
Schroth 12-14 weeks
Silicone Hose 3-5 working days
SKF 3-5 working days
Super B 7-10 working days
TRS Harness' 2-4 weeks (This does get much longer between Christmas and June)
WOSP 7-10 working days

These dates are from when the order is confirmed. Most University/College finance departments take time to process an order so you need to factor this in (3-5 working days for a finance department to process the order before confirming to us is not unheard of). Your faculty advisor should be able to tell you how long it will take your institution to process the order. If however your institute has never purchased from us before then it can add another 3-5 days for your finance department to register us as a supplier.