Choosing Fasteners

When choosing the right fastener for body work it can seem confusing. There are lots of different types and makes out there and it can be difficult to know exactly which one will be right for your application. This guide should help you choose which will be the right fastener for your project. However if you would like more advice and guidance then is given here please email us with details of your requirements.

Some General Notes

If at all possible it is worth trying to keep all of the fasteners that you are using on your body work the same type, even if they are different sizes. This makes it easier if you are trying to under body panels in a hurry, especially as some fasteners required tools. It's also worth noting how different types of fasteners are measured. This will help you to get the right size of fastener that you need, not all fasteners are measured in the same way.


These are very widely used in Formula Student. In the wider motorsport industry they are commonly used as bonnet catches for touring cars. There are two types widely available. The first is the Plus Flush which is mounted from above the panel. The second type is the Flush which is mounted below. This mounting is more aerodynamic however it takes up more room. Both types are available in either locking or non-locking. The locking mechanism uses a key to secure the fastener. It is rare that you would use a locking AeroCatch in motorsport (although not un-heard of). You don't want to be looking for a key when you need to get a panel off quickly!

Push Button Ejecting Fasteners

These are a newer design. They offer a stylish discreet finish and are lightweight. The push button quick latches are machined from 6063-T6 alloy and S-303 stainless steel. These push to release style latches can be used for many applications including body panels. Each latch can handle up to 90 kilos of force and can easily replace existing fasteners. There are a number of accessories available for these latches including pop springs and mounting cups. There is a variety of different styles and sizes available. Nothing else matches this type of fastener for ease of use.

EHF Self Ejecting Fasteners

These are probably the most common type of fastener in motorsport. They are one of the lower cost solutions and are easily under with a flat headed screwdriver. There are two parts to this type of fastener, the fastener and the spring. The fastener has a shaft that is depressed and twisted so that it locks into the spring. There's two different 'series' of these clips. The series relates to the thickness of the spring. A series 5 spring must be used with a series 5 clip (the series 6 spring goes with the series 6 clip). The series 6 is slightly thicker. The clips are available in different lengths. The length of the clip is measured from the bottom of the 'hat' to the middle of the whole in the shaft. The EHF fastener is a cost effective fastener with low air resistance, which is why it is so popular. If you are using this type of fastener on your car then it is worth making sure that you have spare clips as these can become damaged with constant vibration and if you are removing the panel a lot.