CAD Models & Drawings

At Raceparts we often get asked for CAD drawings of various components. These are nearly always NOT available. This is due to one of or sometimes even all of several reasons:

  • The design pre-dates when CAD has been in common use
  • The design incorporates some secret dimensions/components or intellectual property
  • A drawing has never been created
  • The suppliers of that part/component do not wish to distribute their drawing

With the increase of copied components coming out of certain countries/regions there has been a clamp down on how open companies are with their designs.

However please note some 2D drawings are available for a limited range of products, some notes on this are:

  • AP Racing - nearly everything produced by AP has a customer drawing which is available from their website. We do have copies of the more common Formula Student parts if you can't find them but please look on AP's website first.
  • Racetech - Some drawings for RTQ and RTUJ components do exist. We have also put technical information on the product section of the Formula Student pages of this website.
  • GKN - Extremely limited, you might be better off going direct to GKN for this information.
  • Schroth - There is a technical drawing and specification available for the Schroth harness. However due t the adjustability of the harness the drawing is of little use. All the information you should require prior to purchase is on our product page.
  • NMB Rod Ends - Detailed technical information is available from their website or our website/catalogue. Drawings only exist for each family and are note specific for the various options within the family of rod ends or bearings.