GKN CV/Tripod Fast Boots

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The correct type and size of CV/tripod fast boot is a vital part of the driveline assembly. GKN Motorsport fast boots are maximised for performance and durability.

Part No.ID of Boot (A)To Suit Joint OD ofBolt Hole PCD (B)ID for Shaft (C)Bolt Hole ID (D)DescriptionMax Driveshaft Working Angle
MS6J002939480228.2Fast boot for 94mm OD Tripod/CV Joint-
MS6K0249910086228.2Fast boot for 100mm OD Tripod/CV Joint-
MS6N001107108942210.2Fast boot for 108mm OD Tripod/CV Joint11
MS6N011107108942210.2Fast Boot for 108mm OD Tripod/CV Joint14
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