AP Racing Brake Fluid

AP Racing's established range of racing brake and clutch fluids have been refreshed and re-branded to embrace the Radi-CAL™ philosophy. Following last years successful launch of Radi-CAL™ R4 racing brake fluid, AP Racing has chosen to re-align its full range of fluids by renaming PRF660, 600, 551 and Formula Dot 5.1, changing the bottle and caps.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NO alterations have been made to the actual brake and clutch fluids themselves.

AP Racing brake fluid has been developed specifically for use under the arduous conditions encountered at the highest levels of motorsport.

  • Radi-CAL™ R4 has been designed to perform better than any other product at the extremes of heavy duty braking performance in the top levels of racing. With the highest dry boiling point of any racing brake fluid currently available at 340°C, R4 stands alone.

  • PRF 660, Re-branded as Radi-CAL™ R3 - Silver Bottle with Yellow cap. AP Racing's R3 brake fluid has been developed for use in high temperature racing conditions .

  • AP 600, Re-branded as Radi-CAL™ R2 - Silver Bottle with Blue cap. AP Racing's R2 brake fluid is intended for competition use only.

  • AP 551, Re-branded as Radi-CAL™ R1 - Silver Bottle with Black cap. AP Racing's R1 brake fluid can be used for either competition or road use.

  • Formula DOT 5.1, Re-branded as Factory R Dot 5.1 - Yellow Bottle with Yellow cap. This AP Racing brake fluid is ideal for high performance road applications, competition and track days.

All AP Racing brake fluids are Polyalkalene Glycol Ether based and are not a silicone based brake fluid. AP Racing do not sell and do not recommend using a silicone based brake fluid with any of its products.

Boiling Points: R4 - Wet 204 °C, Dry 340°C R3 - Wet 204 °C, Dry 325°C R2 - Wet 204 °C, Dry 312°C R1 - Wet 140 °C, Dry 269°C